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Load cell solution for crane hanging scales

2017.09.28 GALOCE

Load cell solution for crane hanging scales

          Lifting machinery is a kind of intermittent operation way for lifting material handling equipment, falling and moving horizontally.In order to make the hoisting machinery along with operation of suspended materials weighing, on the hoisting machinery assembly weighing device thoughts and desires more and more popular.

         Application of hoisting machinery weighing technology has been more than 200 years of history.With the progress of electronic weighing technology, promoted the hoisting machinery mechanization, automation, integration and the development of intelligence.Due to the industrial production scale expands unceasingly, increasing production efficiency, large scale, high speed and the specialty of the hoisting machinery has prompted automation, intelligence and informatization performance characteristics.

           So far, in the market, there are some different kinds of load cells, which is suitable for crane scales, lifting scales and other weighing equipments.